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Physics Machine 
Ümit Alkuş

Physics machine is a software which does physics like a physicist. First, all the things human being has developed so far, for doing physics, will be available to this machine. Secondly, all the consistent theories, successful experiments, and published articles will be included into this machine in the form of traced and readable knowledge, in other words, this machine can read and understand these all. Finally, as the last target, this machine can observe the universe and physical events with the aim of creating theories and physical laws.

 METU, Physics Department, 06800, Ankara, Turkey
Keywords: Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Mining, Artificial Physicist

There are approximately millions of articles over physics, huge collection of very successful theories, and physics books. In the earth, no physicist could have attempted to read and understand these accumulations since it requires free infinite time, free space, infinit…